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Families/Senior Citizens/Handicapped/Disabled.

The Wayne County Housing Authority operates 30 Very Low and Extremely Low – income garden style apartments in Waymart Borough, Wayne County, PA.

The tenants in this type of housing pay rent based solely on income rather than on type or size of accommodations.

The accommodations are specifically for families, senior citizens, senior citizen families, physically handicapped persons, and disabled persons.


A group of two or more persons sharing residency whose income and resources are available to meet the family’s needs and who are either are related by blood, marriage, or operation of law or have evidenced a stable family relationship, who will live regularly together. A single person age 18 or older.

Senior Citizens-

Single person who is 62 or over

Single person who is handicapped

Single person who is disabled

Senior Citizen Families-

Head or Spouse is over 62

Handicapped Person

Disabled Person


Person that has a physical or mental impairment which: is expected to be or long-continued and indefinite duration; and substantially impedes his or her ability to live independently; and is of such a nature that such ability could be improved by more suitable housing conditions


A person is disabled if the person has a disability defined in: Section 223 of the Social Security Act or Section 102 (b) (5) of the Developmental Disabilities Services’ and Facilities Construction A

Gravity Plane Apartment Layout

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